5 Awesome Things About the R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Cards

When shopping for an R4 3DS card, most people always look at the features that the card has.

Also, most people do not have the luxury to spend on R4 3DS cards so they want a rather inexpensive card that has a lot of features.

The R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card is one of the best bang-for-the-buck R4 3DS cards out there. That is because it has amazing features and it has a really good price as well.

In this article, I will highlight five awesome things about the R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card and why you should consider buying one if you’re looking for an R4 3DS card.

  1. Download Play. What is Download Play? Basically, this feature allows you to share your games with other Nintendo 3DS owners who do have the actual game in their consoles. This can also be done using digital copies of the game as well. Now, this feature is already present in the original firmware of the portable game console. A lot of people are asking if Download Play is still available when you are using an R4 3DS card. I am happy to say that the R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card does support Download Play. This is one of the only R4 3DS cards on the market at an inexpensive price point that has this feature.
  2. Amazing Homebrew Support and DLDI Auto-Patching. There are a lot of homebrew applications for the Nintendo 3DS. The R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card offers impressive homebrew support and it also has the DLDI Auto-patching feature. Before, you need to patch your homebrew files first before you can install them on the Nintendo 3DS. But with the DLDI Auto-patching feature, that is done by the R4 3DS card and you no longer have to manually patch homebrew files anymore.
  3. Region-free gaming. Back in the day where you have to buy original game cartridges, there are some games that may not work on your Nintendo 3DS mainly due to the fact that it made for a particular region. When you use the R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card, it has region-free gaming support. What this means that no matter what region the game you want to play is, it will be supported by the R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card and you can play the game on your Nintendo 3DS without any problems.
  4. Multiple Language support. Let’s face it, a lot of people do not have English as their main language. Thankfully, the R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card has multiple language support. It supports all of the popular languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, French, Italian, and so much more.
  5. Price. I think the best thing of all is the price. The R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card costs only $16 and it offers a lot of features. Most of these features can only be found on premium R4 3DS cards. So, for the R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card to have these features at a killer price point, it is something to be happy about.

The R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card is one of the best and inexpensive R4 3DS cards on the market. If you’re looking for an R4 3DS cards, the R4i Gold EU R4 3DS Card should be on your list.