Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming Mouse

If you want to customize your gaming mouse and perfectly sit it for your needs, then you may want to look at the Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming mouse.

This gaming mouse from Sentey is surprisingly, one of the best gaming mouse of 2015. Now I said surprisingly because Sentey is not really a well-known brand. But despite the odds, it managed to garner a legion of fans who swear by it because of its amazing ergonomics and programmable buttons.

For a complete rundown of the Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming Mouse features and specifications, here they are:

  • Up to 8200 DPI Resolution
  • 4 Levels DPI Level Preset
  • ADNS 9800 Sensor
  • Avago Chipset
  • 1GHz Frequency Polling Rate
  • 12000 FPS Frame Rate
  • 4D 4 Way Scrolling
  • 150 inches/sec Track Speed
  • 30G Acceleration
  • Independent and Programmable X & Y Axis
  • 9 + 1 DPI Selector
  • 7 Macro Buttons
  • 5 Customizable Profiles
  • Ceramic Feet Pads
  • 5 Different LED Colors and No Light Mode Illumination
  • Adjustable Weights

Now, what are the features that make the Sentey Revolution pro one of a kind? It’s all in the accessories. When you buy the Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming Mouse, you not only get weight attachments, but you will also get a few interchangeable side grips!

This is an absolutely awesome addition, because then you can tweak the side grips to your liking! Not all people are alike; some have bigger hands than others. Which is why, the degree of customization is what makes the Sentey Revolution Pro, one of the best gaming mouse today.

The Sentey Pro Gaming mouse also comes with 9 customizable buttons, although the two buttons are already mapped (the left and right click). Still, that gives you about 7 programmable buttons in which you can program some macros into.

This gaming mouse is also equipped with the ADNS 9800 sensor for optimum traction in games.

Another stand out feature of the Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming mouse is its “Omniscroll” mouse wheel. Most conventional mouse wheels can only be moved either upwards or downwards, but the Sentey Revolution Pro’s Omniscroll. You can actually use it to move a browser page, for example, sideways! The gaming peripherals company gives you the freedom to scroll any direction you want!

It also comes with its proprietary software, wherein you can program the DPI levels as well as the gaming mouse’s lighting scheme. If you want to customize the macros, you can also do it in the software.

With all of those being said, how does the Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming Mouse fair with players?

Jon: “This mouse is just absolutely comfortable to hold. I can play for hours with the Sentey Revolution Pro. It also comes with interchangeable side grips that perfectly fits to my hand. And for its price, this is just an absolute treat!”

Kielanna: “Truth be told; this is my first gaming mouse as it only costs $30. But, even for the price, the mouse is incredibly comfortable to hold, and it also has programmable buttons. Also, the software that comes with the gaming mouse is just so easy to setup and use.”

The Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming Mouse costs only $30. If you’re looking for an inexpensive gaming mouse that has all the bells and whistles as the more premium gaming mice, then the Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming mouse is one of the best.